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Once upon a time (more than 10 years ago) we did stuff just for money. Some of us built a very successful affiliate marketing business serving online casinos some of the seedier neighbourhoods of the internet. One of us sold her soul to a multinational software company death machine. For a while, that worked out pretty well. Until it didn't. Betrayal, burnout and near-death experiences convinced us to walk away, for good.

So we took off on extended journeys of reflection, healing and self-discovery. Putting ourselves back together is taking a bit longer than we anticipated, but we're crystal clear about one thing: what we do from now onwards will support life.

Our home page starts with a long list of stuff we believe is broken. Looking for ways to make a contribution, we thought about helping build remedies for industrialized agriculture and food production, but honestly it's not our area of expertise. Given we like writing and reading stories, and we know a bit about software and media and publishing, that's where we're focused.

First, we looked at blockchain (because, you know, all the cool kids are doing it) but quickly realized it simply wasn't going to work for us. When we saw that blockchain is based on a couple of core fallacies and found Holochain, we began to see what we could build (and why).

We're greatly inspired by bees. Not just because they're essential for ongoing food production, or because raw honey is what soul tastes like... but because bees live in wholeness. While it's probably mistaken to simply transpose honeybee social structures and behaviours onto humans, there's no doubt we can learn a lot from them.

Bees rely on each other to create a flourishing community. They're interdependent and deeply connected, to each other and to all of life. Each member of the hive gives 100% to every task and interaction. They live in a spirit of unity we lost long ago.

Imagine if we woke each day asking ourselves: how could we better the world? How could we sing ourselves into aliveness? Who would we be if we understood that we are all connected, that our individual efforts have great value when we undertake actions that better the world whole?

– Song of Increase by Jacqueline Freeman

We don't actually know whether technology can help restore humankind to wholeness. Maybe only nature can do that. But we're going to find out, and building humm is our first step.

Will you join us?

get involved!

We're looking for people who'd like to launch a humm publication, coders who are familiar with Holochain/content management systems, potential partners, and enthusiasts who want to help us get the word out!

Talk to you soon 🙂

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