The News: New Ideas, a New Face & a New Job Opening

Let's talk about time

We're faced with an interesting conundrum while trying to roadmap, design, plan and develop humm: the technology platform we're building on isn't finished yet.

In fact, Holochain is still in pretty early stages of development.

What we're trying to build with humm will leverage both Holochain and the Holo hosting network, but we're trying to start while there are almost no technical specs and details of how the Holo network will work. In other words, it's like trying to assemble a moon lander... while on a rocket ship that is still being completed... while breaching the Earth's atmosphere on our way to outer space!

Good news is the timelines get a bit more clear week-by-week. We're currently assuming that Holo and Holochain beta will be launched around January 31. While we can't accurately predict the future (I know... we're disappointed too), we are committed to launching our humm beta as close as we humanly can get to the Holo network launch.

While we can't commit to any hard dates either publicly (or even internally) we're hoping for a Q1 launch of the humm ecosystem.

Working on the humm publisher prototype

Our team spent a lot of time this week working through user experience ideas and issues, as well as putting those ideas into practice through our continuing work on a full prototype of the humm Publisher interface.

We have lots of really cool ideas about how we can accomplish things like collaborative creation and customizable editorial workflows when working in teams. And we're working on putting these into a product that is so functional and intuitive, people won't be able to imagine how they ever lived without it.

Welcome to the newest humm team member - Boyan Balinov

Boyan is our new community manager at humm! You may already know him as Baud-Aha on Telegram, or boyanbc on Mattermost.

In his own words:

After spending the past few years working on a number of Ethereum based projects and start ups, by the end of 2017 I ended up asking myself some difficult questions. The very intentions, reasons and views which made me attracted to this space began making me question deeply what I was putting my time, attention and energy into. After some introspection it became clear that it was time for a change.

That led me to giving myself space and time. Becoming a full time dad for a while and giving myself a gap. An opening. In that gap I found Holochain. Early in 2018 I randomly came across a tweet about it and immediately looked into it. The more I read and researched about it, the more I wanted to know. I quickly realized that what I was originally looking for the blockchain space is what the people behind Holochain are aiming to co-create. Holochain has not simply been modeled on someone's idea of how the world should be, but actually how it is. The people building it and most of those interested in this emerging ecosystem are not simply trying to "change" the world, but learn from it - in sync with natural processes, as they already are.

I gradually became more involved with the Holochain community and spent a few months volunteering in some Holochain-related forums. In that time I met a lot of very inspiring people interested in building this emerging ecosystem, including the humm team. After a few conversations and calls, it became clear that we're in deep sync in our intentions about what we'd like to put our effort, time, attention and energy into. We decided I would step up my involvement and commitment by joining the humm team on this journey of exploring ways to use technology that empower us, and help us be more human.

Welcome Bauda, and we're incredibly glad to have another thoughtful, experienced human on the humm team.

We're hiring!

One last thing - we're looking for a full time front end developer. We're a group of coworkers and friends who care about one another and our mission. If you'd like to join the humm team, we're looking for someone to add to the family.

We are gearing up for a lot of work that needs to be done to try and be ready for a Q1 release, so we need some more help!

Holochain knowledge is a plus but not essential, so if you're an experienced front end developer interested in learning about Holochain from the inside out while helping to build the publishing platform of the future, check out our full job description here:

One last, last thing. We just came across this amazing talk by Jean-Francois Noubel. Go watch this now, and then pass it along to anyone you know who is interested in Holochain. You can thank me later. :)

See you next time!
- Nick


  • Rom L 1 year ago

    Excited for the HUMM ecosystem. I know it will be revolutionary. Someone has to be the first.

  • Boyan humm team 1 year ago

    Thank you for your kind words @Rom L, its both humbling and exciting to be part of this movement, especially in this early stage.