2018: A humm Story

It's been a wild and amazing 2018 here at humm.

We went from not knowing what the future of our organization would be, to releasing our first proof of concept of humm, and connecting with a community that has been immensely supportive and encouraging.

We started the year on a quest to find our intersection - where our hearts, passions, experiences, and skills intersect to show us our guiding point on the horizon. We explored different industries and platforms, but in the end, we know publishing best and had some ideas on how we could create a publishing platform that the world is in need of.

There are pain points in the publishing world around collaboration, sovereignty, funding without succumbing to influence, censorship, and data privacy.

It took us discovering Holochain to provide the community and technology we needed to inspire us to action; to say "Hey - we can do something about this."

We collectively feel that we have reached an energizing turning point in our lives, and potentially the lives of the hundreds, thousands, or millions that we can serve and inspire.

We all independently attended Holochain hackathons and started wrapping our minds around this appropriately mind-bending new technological paradigm. We planned and hypothesized. We read and took classes and reskilled. Then we started building.

And here we are.

We are excited, invigorated, inspired to be the change that we want to see in the world.

  • A world with a truly free press,
  • A truly free flow of information,
  • A truly free human spirit,
  • A world that is truly for all humans and all living beings, not just a powerful few.

And we're glad to have you along for the ride.

Introducing the Fractal Sovereignty podcast

Our founder Nick Haslem, and our communications director Boyan Balinov got together to record a proof of concept podcast devoted to Holochain and the Holochain community. In this first episode, they discuss their paths to this point and what they think about Holo and Holochain.

Listen to the first episode here on Soundcloud.

A new year, a new chapter

We are taking a few weeks off for the holidays, and will return energized and refreshed to continue building the next-generation publishing platform that will allow people to connect with one another in deeply human ways.

We are continuing to work on the humm UI and underlying architecture that will allow us to create not only a personal publishing application, but a collaborative platform in which people will be able to work and create together in new and interesting ways.

What we are looking forward to in 2019

As developers, we are really excited for a production stable Holochain and Holo early in the new year! These milestones will mark the point at which we can launch our full vision to the world, and for us that could not come soon enough.

Happy holidays and a happy new year!