Humm Alpha is Now Live!

On 11/11/2019 we invited about fifteen people to participate in our first closed alpha testing. 

This is a huge milestone for us and is a very exciting time. We have been hard at work over the past year reskilling, learning how to build and manage a software development process, refining our skills with several programming languages, and incorporating new more human patterns that we can encode in our piece of this new internet being built on Holochain.

To be clear, this alpha version of humm is built on a centralized database. The centralized backend we've built has been very helpful for allowing people to use humm and give us feedback on our design.

The initial feedback has been very positive and we have spent the past week:

  • Adding more robust markdown support including properly formatting copy & pasted markdown
  • Improving handling of copy & paste from external document formats -- especially from Google Docs
  • Working on a better human experience navigating around the app -- especially going back and forth from the two main spaces: reading & writing

We have also been discussing how we are handling alpha testers and how to keep up a good line of communication between ourselves and the amazing people who are taking the time to help co-create humm.

Bringing humm to the people

I am writing this current story in the humm editor. We are using our own humm editor internally now, along with about 15 alpha testers, and we want allow you to use it as a reader as soon as possible. We are currently exploring opening a humm publication so that we can publish public updates using our alpha release.

This would allow us to write and publish using our closed alpha product, while you would be able to read it using a public instance of the humm reader. We'll keep you updated on this.


A few days before we launched our alpha, Holochain announced that they had achieved and launched their first fully working Rust-based Holochain stack since deprecating the Go prototype over a year ago.

This timing could not be better for us as we are just getting to a stable working version of our application and can now roll up our sleeves and start working toward porting humm to work on the Holochain alpha network.

With the subsequent announcement of Holoport shipments starting soon, we are over the moon with excitement about the Holo-empowered ecosystem. We are aiming to be one of the first applications up and working on Holo and Holochain, and we are now on our way.

Our plan is to continue iterating and improving our humm design while spending most of our development resources getting a version of humm working on Holochain.

Things are really starting to move folks, so buckle up!


  • LifeSMyth 3 months ago

    I am happy to be the first one to comment on this announcement on this blog! Keep up the good work.

  • Adam 3 months ago

    What an awesome project. Cannot wait to see what value adds a holochain back end will bring.

  • Rom L 1 month ago

    The future is coming.