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Let's Talk! Introducing Holochain-Powered Comments on humm

Blog comments on Holochain are here.

We've been working on adding commenting to humm for the past month. Now you can comment on our blog posts here on using a Holochain-powered comment app!

From a reader's perspective, commenting on humm is the same as commenting anywhere else online. You sign up for an account (more on this below), meticulously craft an insightful comment, hit the "Submit" button, and sit back while other people revel in your originality and wit. (At least, that's how … Continue reading


Feeling a Little Rusty: DevCamp, Comments, and Rust Updates

There have been a lot of developments in the past week in the larger Holochain community that we have had to digest and internalize here at humm.

Rust: A brand new Holochain?

We have been waiting excitedly for the release of the Rust refactor of Holochain so we could refactor our code base, and then add to it without increasing our future work every time we write a new line of code in the old Go-based Holochain. For the past couple of weeks we've prioritized work that would not add to our Go code… Continue reading