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Hello Earth

You're looking at some words on a white screen, but these words actually represent a series of notable firsts.

This is the first blog post that uses humm as its publication channel. humm is the first fully distributed publishing platform, ever. And humm is the first community-developed Holochain-based hApp to go live.

So why is this interesting?

Because the future of technology is distributed.

Decentralized databases and distributed ledgers are so hot right now. Everyone's talking about blockchain. … Continue reading


The News: New Ideas, a New Face & a New Job Opening

Let's talk about time

We're faced with an interesting conundrum while trying to roadmap, design, plan and develop humm: the technology platform we're building on isn't finished yet.

In fact, Holochain is still in pretty early stages of development.

What we're trying to build with humm will leverage both Holochain and the Holo hosting network, but we're trying to start while there are almost no technical specs and details of how the Holo network will work. In other words, it's like trying to assembl… Continue reading


2018: A humm Story

It's been a wild and amazing 2018 here at humm.

We went from not knowing what the future of our organization would be, to releasing our first proof of concept of humm, and connecting with a community that has been immensely supportive and encouraging.

We started the year on a quest to find our intersection - where our hearts, passions, experiences, and skills intersect to show us our guiding point on the horizon. We explored different industries and platforms, but in the end, we know publishing be… Continue reading


Inside Humm - A Retrospective, Some Clarifications and a Bit About Technology

Hi! I'm Nick Mitchell and I'm the Product Manager for humm. I am in charge of planning & architecting humm features, and making sure our engineers and everyone involved in the project are working on the highest impact tasks along our truest path.

We launched this blog on Friday. We've learned a lot in the few days since then.

First, some background.

We're a small, self-funded (non-ICO) team of seven humans that has spent the majority of our time for the past decade building content websites - … Continue reading


Feeling a Little Rusty: DevCamp, Comments, and Rust Updates

There have been a lot of developments in the past week in the larger Holochain community that we have had to digest and internalize here at humm.

Rust: A brand new Holochain?

We have been waiting excitedly for the release of the Rust refactor of Holochain so we could refactor our code base, and then add to it without increasing our future work every time we write a new line of code in the old Go-based Holochain. For the past couple of weeks we've prioritized work that would not add to our Go code… Continue reading


October Update


It's been a while... We have been making amazing strides on humm. We've been busy behind the scenes and have been committing lots of code, and design, and community outreach, and testing.

In this post I will cover our strategy adjustment to building our app using a Mongo backend while we wait for Holochain and Holo to be completed, a sneak peek at our current UI, and what to expect from here.

Building a Bridge to Our Holochain Future - Our Test Database

It became clear that to continue to make p… Continue reading


Humm Alpha is Now Live!

On 11/11/2019 we invited about fifteen people to participate in our first closed alpha testing. 

This is a huge milestone for us and is a very exciting time. We have been hard at work over the past year reskilling, learning how to build and manage a software development process, refining our skills with several programming languages, and incorporating new more human patterns that we can encode in our piece of this new internet being built on Holochain.

To be clear, this alpha version of humm … Continue reading