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Last updated on January 13, 2021

UI/UX Designer

approx. 20 hours / week

email: [email protected]

hummHive is an open-source application that employs a microservice architecture to help people share stories and media, express themselves, and create fuctionally-adaptive digital communities. With hummHive's architecture and API, people can both utilise and create plug-ins that radically customise the application.

hummHive's design is a departure from contemporary patterns for sharing and creating online - opposed to requiring the use of walled-garden, monolithic websites or services, hummHive encourages and enables the use of myriad tools and services to avoid vendor lock-in. hummHive helps people and communities have full stewardship over how their stories and content are created, viewed, shared, monetized, distributed, and published

We are looking for a stellar UI/UX designer for hummHive's next product development and release cycle.

What this Role Entails:

  • Developing an intimate understanding of our products and the current state user experience to identify gaps.
  • Expressing ideas and opinions about UX design principles, practices and methods.
  • Developing and refining user personas to help deepen our collective alignment with stakeholders.
  • Collecting and understanding business and user feedback on product usability and design.
  • Conducting direct and indirect research of our user groups to understand and interpret needs and priorities to help drive adoption and engagement.
  • Designing mockups, storyboards, wireframes, and prototypes as needed to test and iterate on your designs.
  • Using the feedback you’ve collected and your design expertise to design and deliver new and improved user experiences.
  • Identifying and track important UX engagement metrics in collaboration with Product Management.
  • Creating interactive prototypes for remote usability testing.

Ideal Experience and Skills:

  • A proven record of creating exceptional user experiences in software that drives results (with a portfolio that showcases your skills).
  • Limitless curiousity – you seek to understand the “why” to reach the best design recommendations.
  • Experience working closely within product management and software development teams, processes and tools to bring design concepts to reality.
  • At least 3 years of UX/UI experience in a software environment.


  • Experience designing UX/UI for user-facing projects that utilise public key infrastructure.
  • Deep reverence for nature.
  • A keen eye for interface layout and graphic design.
  • Comfortable in HTML/CSS/Javascript and other common UI enablement technologies.

Working with hummHive -

The team helping steward hummHive is a distributed company implementing leading-edge technologies and processes. Working in a distributed team can be fantastic - they can create environments that allow dynamic and adaptable growth. To thrive, they require a high-degree of discipline. Folks working on hummHive:

  • help foster an environment that allows for direct, clear, and consistent communication.
  • acknowledge and value the diversity of talents in their colleagues, especially those different from their own.
  • own what they do do: well, bad, or otherwise without excuses.
  • do not criticize, but create and develop solutions, then propose them for possible implementation.
  • confidently motivate, inspire, and make decisions.

Contact and Next Steps:

If you're interested, please email [email protected] with a resume/CV, a design portfolio, and brief summary of why you are applying for this role.

Extra Information:

Product demo and Discussion -

Further Explanation of hummHive -

Thank you, and be well!