a beautiful peer-to-peer publishing platform

control your content and its distribution, own your creativity and humanity

A beautiful peer-to-peer publishing platform

control your content and its distribution, own your creativity and humanity

why we're doing this


Erosion of privacy is the internet's business model. Websites collect our data and algorithms compile profiles, which are used to influence our behaviour. We're encouraged to buy more stuff and do nothing else. Feedback loops encourage sensationalism and cruelty. We can't trust what we read.


Monolithic applications run by giant corporations control publishing. Surveillance and hacking rise, while single points of failure create more fragility. Social media algorithms suppress controversial ideas. We censor ourselves because we're afraid of blowback.


Blockchain promises real innovation, but the reality doesn't match that promise. For most applications and use cases it's slow, wasteful, expensive, inefficient and unscalable. And over time, it centralizes power in the hands of miners and whoever else controls the tokens.

but it doesn't have to be like that

We believe in a better world and we're working to help create it by asking this question:

How can technology help us become more human, not less?

Focused on how people share ideas and inspire each other, we're building apps that re-imagine how we publish and reward good content.

It Could Be like This

An influence-free, beautifully simple peer-to-peer publishing platform, with an aggregation hub. Think of it as fully distributed WordPress made for the writers and content creators of the future, powering independent apps and an intentional community.

We call it humm, because we love how bees communicate and harness the hive's shared wisdom to make decisions that serve the highest good. We're even mimicking some things bees do.

Personal Publishing.

YOU are at the center

Write, manage and license all your stories for any destination from a single application.

own your data

Choose when and where to share or sell your content, track all stories you've ever published, and easily manage usage rights. Nothing you create can ever be lost.

supercharged collaboration

Work with other humm creators to publish a magazine, hold a summit or host a special event.

your humm is a custom p2p app

Enable comments, create a discussion group or switch on payment and publishing micro-services. Combine features and curate your own experience.

An intuitive, powerful publishing tool

Distraction-free writing

Your humm Publisher has everything you need to create beautiful content, and nothing you don't.

you can be ad free!

You get paid to create via subscriptions, one-time fundraising rounds and tips, choosing the payment mechanisms that work for you. We charge tiny transaction fees.

Crowd-Hosted Publication

Your peer-to-peer website is fully accessible via a web browser - just like any other website online!

Powered by the people, using Holo.host to deliver your publication. Anyone's laptop, phone or dedicated device (Holoport) becomes network infrastructure.

> Why Holochain?

humm publisher

If you were truly in charge of your online life,
what could you create?

This Will Be Awesome


All from your humm Publisher:

Publish and distribute work without fear of censorship, building your reputation over time. Create a permanent, unhackable record that's independent of a website host's ethics or their ability to stand up to powerful forces.

Migrate or build-and-launch your publication website to a custom domain hosted by the crowd in a few clicks, using a library of beautifully simply themes to publish your writing. Grant publications specific rights and agree on obligations around re-use, attribution and compensation.

Raise money the way you want, paying low commission fees. Pitch stories directly to readers and work with them to crowdsource on-the-ground reporting, research and photography. Collaborate to produce news articles and features in a lightweight editorial workflow.


All on humm.earth:

Ditch social media for a publishing platform that can't be censored, where people gather to share stories that unite us through powerful visions for our world and our future. Read journalism from trusted sources independent of corporate or government influence.

Help make the news. Collaborate with journalists by providing on-the-ground input to stories relevant to your location or area of expertise.

Support your favourite writers however you want, by paying them or hosting their content. Earn Holofuel as a host, then use it to support your favourite writers OR trade it within other hApps OR turn it into cash.

These values guide everything we do


original ideas that have real value


free from bias or injustice


truthful, sincere and free from deceit or fraud


connecting creators and readers to foster collaboration


protecting and valuing life to increase ecosystem health

so What Comes Next?

With big dreams to reshape the online publishing industry, we'll release detailed plans in stages.

Stage One

Putting power back where it belongs - in your hands

We're creating a fully distributed publishing platform for web apps.

These apps will look the same as websites you visit every day, except they'll be distributed -- no centralized platform like Medium or Facebook, and no giant hosting company like Amazon AWS or Google Cloud.

A publisher will launch a humm Publication using Holo.host (where ordinary people earn currency by hosting websites using their extra computing power).

Creators will publish content using their humm Publisher desktop application. Readers can find the publication via a regular web address, or they can install that Publication's app and view it directly -- peer-to-peer, with no host in between.

We're designing a simple process that'll help you easily create a humm Publication, customize it with funding and community mixins, and host it using the Holo.host ecosystem.

Stage Two

A new paradigm for distributing & valuing content

humm OS will be a mobile app that helps users intuitively curate and organize their favorite publications, with infinite customization.

Publishers will create Publication apps inside humm OS with just a few clicks. As a publisher, you'll create your custom humm application "stack" without needing to know any code:

  • Publish a blog? Done.
  • With or without comments? Done.
  • Offer paid subscription options? Done.
  • Host a community discussion group for your Publication with membership rules you define? Done.
  • Hold live chats? Done.
  • Collaborate with readers on a specific story? Done.
  • Offer insider access and member-only content? Done.

Every humm Publication is its own peer-to-peer application, which doesn't need traditional web hosting.

Stage Three

Powering Cooperative, Employee-Owned Journalism

Once we've created a peer-to-peer publishing ecosystem, humm will use those tools to change how journalism works, from the ground up.

Imagine a world where corporate interests don't control journalism. Where reliable news organizations are cooperatives owned and run by employees and supporting members.

This is a vision for the world that excites us. A world where the fourth estate actually serves the people it's meant to protect, for the first time in history.

We're exploring a "journalism-backed currency" to run on Holochain, powering a fully distributed, human-centric information economy. Stay tuned.

Let's Get Started!

We're recruiting beta testers, consultants, and advisors.

If you're a writer, journalist or coder and you'd like to help us build humm, we'd love to talk. We could even pay you! Please get in touch.

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