Why Holochain?

Building humm requires a new kind of internet, where power is decentralized through distributed applications living at the edges of the network. Systems have ‘self-healing’ mechanisms to make them stronger when attacked.

Application development and hosting is easier and cheaper for everyone. Open development communities facilitate diversity and innovation.

Imagine what we could build if the internet looked like that?

That’s why we’re building humm on Holochain. It’s not blockchain, but a healthy alternative that addresses issues around trust and power using nature-based patterns to improve scalability and resilience.

A distributed platform for building hApps, Holochain adopts new patterns and architectures that can handle huge complexity while facilitating communication and collaboration between people. Instead of rigid data-centric structures that make you adapt to the software, human-centric design puts you in charge of how you interact with the hApps.

The ecosystem resists censorship and attacks by sending messages, facilitating exchanges and completing transactions using methods that can’t be controlled or contained without consent.

Holochain removes the need to achieve global consensus by prioritising relationships and context. That’s part of the reason it’s benchmarked around +1,000,000X more efficient than Ethereum.

Learn more about Holochain here.