secure, radically adaptable ways to create & share content


hummHive is an open-source app for creating and sharing content however you want.

With hummHive, stories and media live in secure customisable Hives


safekeep your content

The hummHive app doesn’t have central servers or databases. Content in Hives only lives on your computer, unless you choose to share elsewhere.

allow you to back-up and share your content in many places

You can choose how and where your content is shared, while knowing that your original content will always be safe in its Hive.

adapt with humm Connections

humm Connections

humm Connections can be installed to customise your humm Hive app, allowing you to create and share your content with different products and services.

Keen to get paid for your content?
 There's a Connection for Stripe.

Need a modern website or blog?
 Try the humm Connection for GatsbyJS.

Want to publish privately with Keybase? Use the Keybase humm Connection.

Want to share direct (P2P) with specific people? Use the Holochain Connection.

coming soon

humm Bazaar

Discover and Create

The humm Bazaar is a place to discover and install new humm Connections.


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