a clear channel to your audience
- uninterrupted

a creator-centric content-publishing experience
beyond newsletters & blogs

a clear channel to your audience - uninterrupted

a new content-publishing experience beyond newsletters & blogs

grow your reach and engagement

Broadcast to your entire audience or curated groups using end-to-end encryption - or choose to post publicly.

Reach busy people

Publish stories direct to your supporters and avoid their impossibly cluttered email inboxes.


Create and manage membership plans. Decide what's free and what's paid content.

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Steward your content's distribution, visibility and how you get paid

humm has launched a beautifully simple publishing tool that can replace email newsletters and other blogging/publishing patterns. Simply draft your article, click publish and your audience can be notified directly on their phones and desktops. Seconds later, they’ll be viewing your latest creation. You’ve just taken the first step to create a Hive of community and knowledge… and since it’s live (unlike email newsletters), you can update it at any time.

Drawing inspiration from natural patterns, such as how bees coordinate and communicate, we are building tools that allow digital creators to better create, share, and – when appropriate – get paid.

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We’re future-proofing your community too – architecting our technology for the peer-to-peer world of Web3 publishing via Holochain. We’ll talk more about this in the future. Since we’ve already built our Holochain alpha - you’ll be able to play with it soon.


Are you using Keybase already?

If you’re already running Keybase in your group or organisation, humm can provide you with a full web-publishing ecosystem – to compliment your Keybase communications. The possibilities are endless.

Migrating your audience from Youtube, Facebook, Medium, Patreon, or Mailchimp?

Many people have lost track of their email and that it’s no longer a reliable way to reach them. humm is a publishing system under your stewardship, yet it plays nicely with existing platforms.

Let us know your specific goals and we can keep you in the loop as we unveil new offerings.

Ready to hummmmm?

Are you wanting to set up a Hive to share with your friends?  Or are you searching for a more reliable and direct way to reach your audience?