Stewardship of Story with Natural Lore technology
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First & Original Holochain App
HummHive is an open-source application that helps you create and share with Hives
Hives are secure homes for stories and media
Everything in your Hive lives on your device - not on a server - until you’re ready to share.
Hives empower you to share how you want

When you want to share, people can join your Hive to access private, public, and paid stories and media.

The list of everyone in your Hive is safe and secure on your device, not on a company’s server.

When someone joins your Hive, they receive a unique key allowing them to unlock and view end-to-end encrypted stories and media.
Hives are radically customisable

Plugins for HummHive make it possible to:

  • Create and share stories and media
  • Accept payments
  • Generate websites
  • Host and backup
  • and more!

Because your Hive's content lives offline first, Plugins help you seamlessly create and share with many different products and services.

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